Parental Strategies for Tackling Unconscious Racism with Teens in a New School Environment

In a new school environment, it is important for parents to help their teenagers understand the impact of unconscious racism and develop an awareness of its existence. Unconscious racism refers to the biases and stereotypes that individuals hold without conscious awareness or intention. These subtle biases can manifest in various ways, such as micro-aggressions or … Read more

How Helplines Assist Children Deal with Racism and Prejudice

Racism can profoundly impact children, affecting their mental health, self-esteem, and overall well-being. Experiencing discrimination and prejudice at a young age can cause many negative emotions, such as isolation, anxiety, and depression. Children who face racism may also struggle with academic performance, social relationships, and future opportunities.  Children must receive counseling and support to help … Read more

How to Deal with Racism in School as a Student

To effectively combat racism in school, it’s essential to first recognize and understand the forms of racism that exist within your school community. Racism can take many forms, from subtle microaggressions to overt acts of discrimination. It’s essential to be able to identify these actions and behaviors so that you can devise an appropriate strategy … Read more

How to Discuss Racism with Your Child

Racism is among today’s most important, highly sensitive topics and is an unfortunate reality in many societies. Children must learn about racism to recognize and combat it as they age. By discussing racism with your child, you provide them with the tools they need to become informed individuals who can challenge discriminatory attitudes and behaviors.  … Read more