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16 Children & Youth Nurturing Strategies

Every day may present many opportunities to face challenges, set goals and seek support for your future. Value your own journey of personal growth and development by embracing these 16 Nurturing Strategies no matter your age.

These Strategies can be fostered by parents and older siblings to enhance well-being and secure a loving and safe home environment. Being there for your children and youth is essential to helping them through life.

Learn to love and accept oneself. Do things that help my parents and siblings feel loved and supported.  
1. Be Loving
Focus on creating new ways that ensure hard work and the courage to try new things. A positive attitude is key to feeling content and hopeful.
2. Be Positive
Create a safe community one can depend on. Share with others how you feel and ask them how they feel.
3. Be Supportive
Listen and respond to others respectfully. Live in the moment.
4. Be Present
Understand expectations in the family, school, and community. Taking accountability for my actions.
5. Behave
Take care of myself and take time to slow down, sleep, and eat well.
6. Be Good To Myself
Explore and own my feelings and ask for help even when unsure.
7. Be Balanced
Open oneself to explore how to reach out to others and give back.
8. Be Giving
Enjoy nature, take a walk, stretch, do yoga, exercise, dance, or play sports. Take in the beauty that surrounds me.
9. Be Active
See something, say something. Change begins with me.
10. Be the Change
Daily tell myself something positive and say it 21 times like “I am a good friend”, “I am loved for who I am.”
11. Be Affirming
Declutter to make room for new possibilities. Try meditation and mindfulness to ground oneself.
12. Be Focused
Embrace the differences in myself and others to create community.
13. Be Together
Be proactive, solution oriented, and seek support.
14. Be a Problem Solver
Create new, exciting, and joyful experiences.
15. Be Fun
Know that you are strong, courageous, and resilient.
16. Be Brave