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Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength®

California Parent & Youth Helpline®

Parents Anonymous® Inc. launched the California Parent & Youth Helpline in partnership with Governor Gavin Newsom as part of his initiative to address the impacts of COVID-19. Since 1969, Parents Anonymous® has provided weekly evidence-based support groups for parents, children and youth nationwide.

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Helpline for Parents to Get Lifeline in Governor's New Budget

This expanded funding with the legislature, will allow Parents Anonymous® to expand hours to 7 days a week, 8am to 10pm to reach more Parents, Children, and Youth who are struggling, have personal challenges, and need emotional support.

Our calls are up 26% since July of last year. Every single month, our call volume is going higher and higher. The trained counselors utilize Evidence-based Parents Anonymous therapeutic processes to de-escalate, utilize mindfulness, deal with underlying emotional issues, focus on next steps and connect them with online and face-to-face Free Weekly Parents Anonymous Groups.

Anyone in a parenting role who lives in the state of California can join a Parents Anonymous Group.

We believe that Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength®
Director Johnson and Dr. Lisa Pion-Berlin

Over the years, the strong advocacy and leadership from Parents Anonymous®, Inc. has helped elevate the important role parents and caregivers can play in impacting policy and program changes that not only benefit and empower parents but benefit communities. Also, the Helpline operated by Parents Anonymous, Inc. continues to provide vital community resources and emotional support to parents and youth. We look forward to our continued partnership with Parents Anonymous, Inc. as we work toward our shared goal of improving the lives of youth and families throughout California. 

– Kim Johnson, Director, California Department of Social Services

Parents Share Their Stories

YouTube video
YouTube video

According to the Federal Title IV-E Prevention Clearinghouse, Parents Anonymous® is the ONLY culturally responsive program in the NATION that is proven to:

  • Effectively Improve Parenting

  • Enhance Mental Health

  • Reduce Substance Abuse

  • Ensure Child Safetly for diverse families with children and youth of all ages

The studies reviewed by the Clearinghouse found that Parents Anonymous® reduced subsequent child maltreatment substantiations by more than half as compared to parents who did not use the program, even after leaving the Parents Anonymous® program a year later. Additionally, the study found that Parents Anonymous® predominately served communities of color, one of the communities in highest need of services. “This is acknowledging the 55 years of evidence-based Parents Anonymous® programs ,” says Dr. Lisa Pion-Berlin, President and C.E.O. Parents Anonymous® Inc. “Building on the strengths of diverse parents, children and youth throughout  California and nation-wide, ensure long-term positive child safety outcomes and mitigate and prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences.” The opportunity to help more Parents, Children & Youth nationwide rests with states applying for dollar for dollar prevention federal matching funds to provide evidence-based Parents Anonymous® programs. Parents Anonymous® is a proven intervention to keep children out of the child welfare system and ensure child safety by addressing mental health, substance use prevention or treatment, and in-home parenting skills.

Join a FREE Parents Anonymous® Support Group

Parents and caregivers can join a free weekly online or in person support group to explore their underlying emotions and build resiliency to strengthen their family. Each Parents Anonymous® Group has a trained group facilitator and parent group leader.

 Exciting NEW Important Research Study

Parents Anonymous® Study Shows Reduction in Child Welfare System Contact

The study found that parents who participated in Parents Anonymous® were significantly less likely to experience new referrals and new substantiated referrals to the child welfare system within a year of finishing the program than parents who did not participate in the program. 

Parents Anonymous® Honored As 2024 California Nonprofit of the Year

On June 6th, the California Association of Nonprofits hosted a ceremony where Legislators recognized a nonprofit from their district. For the 41st Assembly District’s 2024 Nonprofit of the Year, Assemblymember Chris Holden has chosen to honor Parents Anonymous Inc.

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