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The Pleasures of Parenting

Often, we focus on the difficulties of raising our children.  We forget about the pleasure children bring us.  Remember the warm feelings you get inside when your child learns something new or shares something with you?  What could replace your child’s hug?  Is there anything more precious than your child’s smile?

You can teach your children about the world.  Everything you do, your children notice. You are their first role model. You can show them how to care about others.  You can teach them the values that you believe in. 

Every moment spent together creates a lifetime of memories.  Think about the special times throughout the year.  Keep a notebook handy to jot down precious moments that are so special.  You can take photos and draw pictures for a memory book with your children. Share these memories with your children to remember and experience once again the closeness and special feelings of that time.  You may be surprised that they remember them too.  A funny memory could cheer you up, especially in a time of crisis or tragedy.  You could find your family laughing and talking about something that happened ages ago which makes everyone feel good and makes us smile. 

The more time you and your family spend together, the more memories you will have to share. Taking time to share the memories creates a family bond. The strength and love of your family can help you get through the ups and downs of life. Remember green represents the Love and Support that we give and receive from one another and creating this important energy will be healing during the pandemic, or any other difficult times in our lives.

mixed race family photo