Hear the stories of parents, caregivers and youth who have received emotional support from the California Parent & Youth Helpline®


”Being at home alone every day with two young children can be rough.” 


”Are your parents on your case about everything? Does your sibling drive you crazy? ”


”Do you ever just need someone to listen to you? Don’t know what to do when feeling frustrated with your parents or siblings?”


"Como ama de casa con dos menores de 3 años se vuelve muy angustioso entre las tareas de la casa, las finazas y mis hijas."

“Being able to attend Online Parents Anonymous® groups, a safe space to be vulnerable, has really helped my husband and I believe in our families future again.”

- Mother of five, San Bernardino County

“I called the Helpline because my 16-year-old daughter’s behavior was out of control. She was leaving the house without a mask to hang out with friends, drinking alcohol, and I was scared she would bring COVID-19 into our home. The Helpline Counselor listened to me express my frustration and more importantly helped me brainstorm new ideas to improve communication with my daughter. After calling, I felt recharged and optimistic that I would be able to help my daughter get through this rough patch.”

- Mother of three, Fresno County

“I felt alone and lost as a single mom trying to balance work and childcare during the pandemic. I needed someone to talk to and the helpline was there for me.”

- Mother of three, Sonoma County

“I was having a mental breakdown, I was scared to leave the house because of COVID-19, the Helpline Counselor was caring and helped me to deal with my fear, thank you”.

- Grandmother of one, San Bernardino County

“As a Father from LA, I was struggling to find ways to cope with my daughters new and aggressive behavior since COVID-19. I texted the Helpline to express my feelings and work on a plan of action that has led to a positive change in my daughter and myself. The Helpline Counselor even called me back the following week to check in with me”.

- Father of one, Los Angeles County


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California Senator Connie Leyva shares information about California Parent & Youth Helpline®.
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