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Feeling stressed can affect how you relate to yourself, your children, and the world around you. Meditating improves your mental health and can help to reduce anxiety and depression in all of us. 

Below are guided meditations you can listen to with your children and youth which can help everyone ground themselves  emotionally, and develop compassion and grace. You only need to find four minutes in your day to sit quietly, close your eyes and benefit from the meditation. 

These short meditations are led by Dr. Lisa Pion-Berlin in English with translations into Spanish can be done anywhere, and they are a great way to create peace and harmony in your life. 

Meditation can help you:

  • Reduce stress

  • Build resiliency

  • Lower anxiety

  • Develop compassion

  • Impact compassion

  • Create calmness

  • Foster grounding

  • Enhance well-being

Affirmations are positive statements you say to yourself that begin with “I…”.  When you repeat the same affirmation 21 times, it has a positive impact on your self-confidence, and mental health. Affirmations help you cope with negative feelings, thoughts and situations and can be done anywhere, anytime. You can say them to yourself or out loud. Encourage your children and youth to do daily affirmations about themselves. 

Explore affirmations of each of the seven energy points of the body called chakras.

Crown: awareness , intelligence
I am present
I am grounded
I understand my life's purpose
I understand myself and show myself compassion
I am here and safe
Third Eye: Intuition and Imagination
I know how I feel
I know my strength
I am trust worthy
I am positive
I am fearless
Throat: Communication, speak your truth
I speak honestly
I express myself with love and support
I express my worth
I communicate peacefully
I speak courageously
Heart: Love and Support
I love myself
I love my children
I love my family
I am supportive
I am giving
Solar Plexus: Self-confidence
I am in control
I am capable
I am stable
I am connected
I am my future
Sacral: creativity and sexuality
I experience joy
I am secure
I am creative
I am nourished
I embrace change
Root: Stability and grounding
I am well-balanced
I am enough
I am centered
I am nourished
I am strong
I am strong am in control am loving am courageous am resilient

You might feel a little silly at first, but stick with it, you will soon see the benefits. They really can be a powerful tool in improving your mindset and giving your self-confidence a boost! Affirmations can rewire your brain and change the way you feel. Everything you say or think about yourself affects your well-being. They can be an important part of your self-care. You deserve to be kind to yourself.

Click on any of the seven chakras of the body to view suggested affirmations.